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Executive Electronics introduces Sonos®: The Wireless HiFi System

Play high quality music throughout your home with WiFi using the Sonos smart speaker system. All you need is an easy to use app on your smartphone, tablet or computer to control all of your music to stream in any room.

By using the simple to use Sonos app you can play your entire music library.

The Sonos app gives you the capability to decide whether you want to stream the same song or different songs in every room.

The Sonos smart speaker system plays the highest quality music no matter where it is in your home.

The Sonos speaker system analyzes the room it is in using Trueplay technology to ensure that you are playing the highest quality music possible.

The Sonos App

Using the Sonos app allows you full control over your music experience. You will be able to make playlists, explore your music and search for any song you want to play.

Transform your stereo or speakers




With CONNECT you can seamlessly integrate what audio equipment you already own with the Sonos Wireless HiFi System.


The CONNECT:AMP has a built in amplifier that works with your favorite speakers.

Expand your home theater system



Bring HiFi sound to your high definition TV using the PLAYBAR. The nine speaker design brings realistic audio for games and movies, and for streaming an endless playlist of music.


The SUB is a subwoofer that allows you to hear every chord, kick and splash.


Experience immersive surround sound by pairing your home theater system with the PLAY:1.

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