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    School shootings – What we can do to protect children in Lee & Collier County Schools

    September 25, 2018

September 25, 2018

School shootings – What we can do to protect children in Lee & Collier County Schools

It’s time for parents to take action

We were horrified when we heard about the Parkland high school shooting. Among the staff of Executive Electronics are many parents with children attending Lee and Collier County schools. Like you, we expect these schools to be a safe and secure haven for our children. We don’t want our children to worry. It breaks our hearts that our children have to be stressed about the safety of attending school.

The tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was not an isolated incident. Unfortunately, this type of tragedy has been repeated many times with little action taken to solve the problem. More has been done to secure our government buildings than has been done to protect our children.

Since we are passionate about using technology to provide security and safety, we know there are many things that can be done to make our schools safer. Let’s talk about a few of the solutions the latest technology can offer. Then we’ll talk about how you can take action.

Security cameras

Video surveillance cameras can provide effective security and deterrence. Video surveillance technology offers many options and capabilities which can be customized to specific applications. Besides being a deterrent, cameras can alert personnel to suspicious activity.

Emergency panic buttons

Emergency panic buttons in classrooms can alert security when help is needed. Panic buttons can be in a fixed location or wireless buttons can be carried by teachers and other staff.

Access control

Access control can restrict access to areas within a facility or to the entire school. Access can be gained through the swipe of a card or through activation by remote personnel. The entrant can be viewed using strategically positioned surveillance cameras. An access controlled gate can be utilized to restrict access to school property while school is in session.

Door annunciators

Door annunciators alert personnel when a door or gate is opened. The annunciator can be coupled with a video surveillance camera.

Fence intrusion sensors

Fencing sensors can alert personnel when an intruder cuts or climbs over a fence.

Metal detectors

Metal detectors and scanners can be utilized to detect guns and some other types of weapons.

Better school security is a challenging goal. There is no cookie-cutter solution. Every school has unique circumstances that will require a customized solution. That’s where Executive Electronics can help. Our consultants can devise strategies incorporating technology that will work in a specific facility or situation. We are happy to suggest solutions and answer questions.

What you can do

Parents can play a big role in getting the word out about these solutions and pressing for action. Talk about school security at your PTA meeting. Get an appointment with the Principal for your child’s school. Arrange to meet with the Security Director for your County School System or private school.

We are happy to speak to your PTA event or meet with your school administration contact to discuss electronic security options for your child’s school. Together, we can work to make our schools and our children safer.

Give us a call at (239) 597-9077 or contact us here.

Executive Electronics secures a Collier County School

Executive Electronics recently completed a security upgrade for a Collier County school.  You can read about the project here.

“The Village of Naples| North Naples Church is happy with all the new access control systems. These new security measures reassures and makes people feel safe, all the way from school parents, students, and visitors, who come to our campus on a regular basis. This is very important to parents, staff, & students and our top priority in continually assessing our safety/security procedures to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe campus.”

Daniel Bledsoe
Director of Safety & Security, The Village School of Naples

EE secures The Village School of Naples


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