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    Are you safer in a gated community?

    May 8, 2014

May 8, 2014

Are you safer in a gated community?

Are gated communities safer?


Because those security gates are designed to keep the criminals out, I feel safe and secure in my gated community. Should I?

For new homebuyers, the most popular feature of a gated community is the security gate.

Here is the sad fact: security gates in a gated community may keep the door-to-door salespeople out, but they won’t keep the criminals out. This is a fact that has been proven again and again – whether you live in Collier, Lee, Charlotte or Sarasota County. Read this recent article.

In 2006 an NBC2 reporter found security to be lax in many gated communities in Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties. During his investigation he found that some gated communities had significantly higher crime rates than found in neighboring non-gated communities.

Criminals who target gated communities tend to be more professional. These more experienced criminals are lured by the dream of a “big haul” they hope to land from homes in high-end neighborhoods.

If you think about it, perception is a big part of the problem. Residents perceive that the gates provide security so they are lax about locking doors and turning on security systems.

Law enforcement and security professionals agree – residents in luxury gated communities should take basic security measures. What do I mean by basic? There are many things you can do that don’t require you to alter your lifestyle. You can start by locking doors.

What is the best deterrent to a professional burglar?

Part two of this article will cover a number of actions you can take to improve your family’s security in your gated community. Make sure to sign up for our Safety and Security Newsletter so the article will be delivered to you as soon as it has been published.

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