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Life Safety

What is a security system?
How is a wireless home security system different from wired systems today?
Are you able to monitor my current home security system?
Do I need a home phone or internet to get a security system installed?
What happens when my home alarm goes off and I am not there?
Who does it call?
Will my dog or cat set off the motion detector?
If I lose power, will my alarm still work?

Whole Home Entertainment/ Automation

What is home automation?
What happens to my home automation system if I move?
Is it possible to control my home automation with my smartphone?
How many devices can control the automation?

CCTV Home Surveillance/ Cameras

What happens if one of my cameras stops working?
What video services are offered?
Am I able to snap shot the intruder?
Who monitors my cameras when I am not home?

Warranty/ Service

What is the warranty on my equipment?
What if the equipment is struck by lightning?
Do I have to fill out registration on my equipment?
Does my contract automatically renew after it expires?
Can I get out of my contract?
Will I be notified of any new technology or upgrades that I can have added to my system?

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