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    Power protection & conditioning

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Power conditioning

Surge suppression

Do you have a home theater system? Is your home equipped with a home automation system? Do you have a security system or a video surveillance system?

Florida is the nation’s lightning capitol!

A lightning bolt sizzles with as much as 100,000 volts of devastating power. Florida is rattled by 1.5 million lightning strikes per year! Florida residents experience 26 lightning strikes per square mile – double the rate in some other areas of the country. According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners nationwide filed more than 250,000 lightning claims worth more than a shocking $1 billion in 2008. The average loss was $4,300.

Do you have a HD television or an entertainment center? Do you have a home theater system, a home automation system or a security system? If so, you need to protect your investment before it’s too late.

EE can help you

We recommend and install Panamax BlueBOLT Power & Energy Management systems. From a plug-in model to a console with networking capabilities, EE has the custom power conditioning and surge protection solution for your needs. The cost of effective protection is minimal compared to the potential impact of fixing or replacing damaged electronic systems. Talk about a great investment!

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What does our solution offer?

  • Improves Picture & Sound Quality – Audio/Video equipment cannot deliver its best performance if it is being fed dirty power. Noisy power can introduce noise to your video and audio. At worst, noise can damage delicate electronics. Noise is generated by a number of common home devices including hair dryers, air conditioners and appliances with motors. Noise from a neighbor’s device can actually introduce noise to your audio/video system.
  • Makes AC Power Safer and Better – Automatically protects against damage from over or under voltages, surges and lightning. Lightning/surge protectors do not protect against potentially damaging under or over-voltage. Power line noise, under-voltage and over-voltage can cause insidious damage. The damage can manifest itself as an ever-increasing number of faults and glitches over weeks or months. Your electronics may need to be replaced but insurance may not help. You may think your problem is a manufacturer defect. The fact is, if you want to keep your equipment in tip-top shape, you need clean power.
  • Provides System Control – Sequences outlets On/ Off and eliminates annoying speaker “pops”. Mechanical switching of power can cause failure in delicate circuits.
Panamax BlueBOLT MD2-ZB

Panamax BlueBOLT model MB2ZB



Note: the following features are not available on all models. Ask your EE representative for details.

  • Remote monitoring by smartphone or tablet– Using the BB-ZB1, control & monitor household power and energy usage from anywhere, anytime with your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • Scheduled conservation & alerts– schedule conservation commands to eliminate wasted power and lower utility bills.
  • $100,000 limited connected equipment protection policy– the Panamax MD2-ZB will protect your equipment or they will repair or replace up to $100,000.
Panamax BB-ZB1

Panamax model BB-ZB1

Panamax M4315 Pro

Panamax M4315 Pro

Panamax M4315 Pro (rear view)

Panamax M4315 Pro (rear view)

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Your Executive Electronics representative will be happy to answer your questions about power conditioning and protection. You can reach us at (239) 597-9077 or simply submit the orange form in the column on the right side of this page.

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