Crystal-clear HD video by Honeywell

Protect your property with a 24/7 HD Video Security System

Executive Electronics has been providing video solutions to southwest Florida homes and businesses for more than 30 years. A professionally installed video camera system significantly reduces the chance of your home being victimized and provides continuous recording and crystal clear, high definition images that can help assist law enforcement in the event of an emergency. Right from your phone or tablet, you can view video anytime, anywhere so you are always in touch.

Experience the difference…

Standard digital video
High-definition video

The difference is critical!

While comparing these videos, notice the detail in the man’s face. It’s a difference that can aid in identification and possible prosecution. HD really does make a big difference.

HD is affordable!

New technology has made HD more affordable while increasing capability.

Watch your property from anywhere!

Wait until you see HD on your smartphone or tablet! HD brings you detail that was never possible before.

Make the switch!

Whether you need a new system or you need to upgrade an existing system, Executive Electronics has the solution. Are you a snowbird planning to head north to your summer home? Executive Electronics can upgrade your video system to HD before you fly the coop. Act now to avoid the rush!

Standard vs. HD Video

SD Video compared to HD Video

The HD difference is clear!

Take a look at the two video stills above. The left side image was taken from the standard video recording. Notice the distortion and the lack of features in the man’s face. Using this image, could you describe the man’s face?

Now look at the right side image taken from the HD video clip. Notice the difference in the image quality. Now you can make out distinctive features in the man’s face – crucial details that could help investigators make an ID.

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Honeywell HQA HD Video Camera System

Data sheet – Performance Series HQA DVRs

Performance Series HQA DVR Quick Networking Guide

Performance Series HQA DVR User Guide

* System requires always-on, broadband high speed internet connection for remote viewing connections.

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