ELAN Flagship Experience by Executive Electronics

ELAN Flagship Experience

ELAN-Certified design installed by an ELAN-Certified dealer.

Five-year warranty.

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Special FIVE-Year Warranty

ELAN-Certified Custom Design.

The ELAN Flagship Experience

Your ELAN system is ultra-intuitive and responsive to your every need. It will enhance – indeed transform – the way you experience your home. And with its award-winning interface, ELAN is exceptionally easy to learn and use. You will enjoy and appreciate it from day one and for years to come.

When you step up to an ELAN Flagship System, you further elevate your smart home experience. A Flagship System combines audio, video and power management from the ELAN family of smart home and entertainment solutions. With everything designed to work seamlessly together, the ELAN Flagship system delivers maximum performance, and gives you maximum confidence with a 5 year warranty on Flagship products.

It’s All About You

As your Certified ELAN Dealer, Executive Electronics will personalize the Flagship System to your needs and your lifestyle, giving you easy and effortless control of all connected devices in your home through the elegant ELAN hand-held remote or one of our in-wall touch-screens. ELAN works with Amazon Alexa, so voice control is yours as well.

On the go? Use your favorite mobile phone or tablet, and the interface will look and feel just like the dedicated ELAN devices. Whether you are in the family room, out by the pool, across town or around the globe, ELAN makes it easy. This is the “Your world, made simple” commitment we make to you.

Quality components.

Flagship System Elements

Control and Automation

The ELAN controller is the foundation of your system. It integrates all aspects of your home – from lighting and shades to security, climate and entertainment – all through an intuitive user interface.

Media and Entertainment

Your Flagship system adds our audio/video distribution to move media around your home. Whether it’s 4K ultra high definition video in your home theater or sublime stereo in every room, the ELAN family of AN controllers and amplifiers deliver media that’s fully integrated into your home control and automation experience.

That Sounds Amazing

The ELAN family of smart solutions has the right speaker for every need, from in-ceiling speakers throughout the house, to surround sound systems in the home theater, to outdoor speakers that blend into their surroundings.

Protection and Performance

We realize you are making an investment in your home technology, so the Flagship System gives you peace of mind with advanced surge protection and power management solutions. And it’s more than protection. We add power conditioning to safeguard all connected equipment from power spikes and surges, and maximize performance of the audio and video equipment for the best possible sound and picture quality- and this helps extend the life of your equipment as well.

Peace of Mind

All ELAN Flagship System designs are certified by ELAN. And when certified, the Warranty on key components is increased to five years. Not only will your system be great performing, but it will offer you many years of elegant home control and enjoyment. And in the unlikely event that a component needs to be replaced, we will expedite shipping of the replacement to get that part of your system up and running again as soon as possible.

As your Certified ELAN Dealer, Executive Electronics will provide fast, professional support whenever you need it.  With our ELAN factory training and our 35 years in business, you’ll always have peace of mind.

ELAN Flagship Experience

Professional installation.

Who is Executive Electronics?

Executive Electronics is a family owned and operated full service residential and commercial low voltage integrator that has been in business for 35 years. Executive Electronics is large enough to handle anything, yet small enough to provide the flexible, personal service you’d expect.

Certified ELAN Dealer

Executive Electronics is the area’s largest Elan g! Home Automation and Audio/ Video dealer, making EE the area’s premier full service system integrator, as we perform all system design, installations, programing, and service in-house.

You can rely on Executive Electronics to provide the finest service, end-user experience, and high-quality products, all with extremely easy-to-use systems that provide you with total control and peace of mind. You’ll enjoy a truly personalized connection throughout the process. When doing business with Executive Electronics, you can count on working with an experienced team that is committed to integrity, personal connection, responsive service, and impeccable follow-up, leaving you feeling completely satisfied.

Who is ELAN?

ELAN is from connected home technology leader, Core Brands. ELAN Flagship Systems match ELAN entertainment and control solutions with best-in-class audio, power and connectivity brands for an elegantly seamless and long-lasting experience, every time.

Since 1989, ELAN has been dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the connected home. We were recognized at CES 2017 with the “Human Interface Product of the Year” award from the Consumer Technology Association’s Mark of Excellence Award Program Committee.

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ELAN Flagship Experience by Executive Electronics of Southwest Florida Inc

Five-Year Warranty.

ELAN Flagship Experience in Home automation and integration

ELAN-Certified Custom Design


Installed by an ELAN-Certified Dealer


Five-Year Warranty

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