Questions to ask your home security company

1. "Is the company a member of a recognized security association?"

A reputable and trustworthy home alarm company will be affiliated with a local or national industry association, such as the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. For safety’s sake, call the organization to verify the company’s membership.
Executive Electronics is a member of the Alarm Association of Florida, the Electronic Security Association, Collier Building Industry Association and the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce.

2. "How long has the alarm company been in operation?"

In the home alarm industry, time = experience. If you’re installing a very simple system, a new company might be acceptable, but complicated systems should be left to a company with years of experience in complex security systems.
In 2013, Executive Electronics proudly celebrated our 30th anniversary! Since 1983, Executive Electronics has provided safety and security to thousands of families and businesses throughout Southwest Florida.

3. "Is the company fully licensed?"

It is essential that any home alarm company be fully licensed for business by state and local governments. Don’t believe everything you’re told- call to double-check.
Executive Electronics is fully licensed for business: Florida State license EE 0000176.

4. "What security measures does the company take to ensure client safety?"

Asking an open-ended question like this can tell you a lot about a home security company. They should rattle off a decent list of security measures, including:

  • Background checks and security clearances for all employees
  • Fully bonded
  • Liability and/or Errors and Omissions Insurance

Executive Electronics installation and service technicians receive unparalleled training and support from Honeywell, the leader in residential and commercial security products. They are tested, background checked and certified by the state of Florida for burglar and fire systems. Executive Electronics is also Honeywell’s exclusive, factory-backed, professional dealer for all of Southwest Florida, Honeywell Authorized Professional dealers are the top 10% of security companies in North America.

5. "What is the company's average response time to alarms?"

A good company will respond to all alarm reports within 60 seconds.
Executive Electronics provides you with around the clock professional monitoring service from an advanced, computerized UL listed central station facility. The facility is always ready for emergencies and full redundancy via multiple locations throughout the United States.
The central station can switch to emergency power generators within seconds Our central station is designed with all of the safeguards and quality control to provide you and your family with safety, security and peace of mind.

6. "Does the company's home security equipment have a warranty?"

All things electrical have a finite lifespan, and when they involve your family’s safety it’s important to have a warranty. Ask a potential home alarm company whether just the equipment has a warranty, and whether installation/repair is also covered. Additionally, a solid company will always schedule a repair visit within 24 hours of your complaint.
All of our equipment carries a minimum warranty. Please speak with a sales consultant as to what your equipment warranty guidelines are.

7. "Can the alarm company provide proof of your alarm system to your homeowner's insurance?"

Your home security company should be able to supply official proof of your system, so that you can get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.
Executive Electronics provides a certificate of monitored system to every homeowner or business upon activation.

8. "How often does the home alarm company test their systems?"

Your home alarm should receive regular tests to ensure that it is working properly. At minimum, these tests should be conducted once per month.
Executive Electronics sets all panels to a 24 hour timer test to report back to our Central Monitoring Station, so we are testing your communication link daily to the central monitoring station.

9. "Does the company offer systems with advanced safety features?"

Thieves are unfortunately savvy to many basic security features, so an advanced system is the best way to keep your family safe. Ask a contender security company what kind of advanced features their systems have. Some features to seek out include:

  • Cellular Monitoring: A wireless system that is connected via cell signal does not rely on your telephone line or broadband internet connection, so it cannot be disabled by even a tech-savvy burglar who might cut the phone lines to your home.
  • Remote Access via Apps: Access to the system and the option to arm/disarm your system from any smart phone or Internet device.
  • Email/Text/Phone/ Notifications: Your system can send an automatic email, text or even a phone call if an alarm is triggered (doors open, a window is broken, power goes out, etc.) when you’re not home.
  • Video Services: While you’re out, you should be able to view your camera feed from a smart phone or any web-enabled device.

Executive Electronics offers the most advanced and up to date technology available. Since 1983, the company has specialized in home security systems, business alarms, video surveillance camera systems, home automation and smart home systems, home theater, surround sound, whole-house audio/video distribution and fire detection alarm systems. All of our systems can be remotely accessed from a number of personal devices, all from the palm of your hand from anywhere in the world.

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