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    EE secures The Village School of Naples

    May 17, 2018

May 17, 2018

EE secures The Village School of Naples

Executive Electronics selected to secure school

Recently the IT/Security Director of The Village School of Naples reached out to Executive Electronics to engineer an upgrade of an existing access control system. Executive Electronics was carefully selected by The Village School’s Security Director because of our knowledge, experience, professionalism and the reasonable cost of our proposed upgrade.

The Village School of Naples is a privately-owned accredited Christian school located in Naples, Florida. The school offers pre-kindergarten through high school education.

Below are a few images of the Executive Electronics team during their first visit to The Village School.

Executive Electronics deploys access control system at The Village School of Naples

Executive Electronics teams begin staging the access control system upgrade at The Village School of Naples

The Village School of Naples

EE truck is on-site on the first day of the Access Control system upgrade project

EE Techs meet with the Village School Security Director

The EE  Technical Team discusses the Village School installation

A note about school security…

We were horrified when we heard about the Parkland High School shooting. Among the staff of Executive Electronics are many parents with children attending school. Like you, we expect these schools to be a haven of safety and security for our children. Our children expect school to be a safe, secure place – a refuge – to learn and socialize with friends. It breaks our hearts that our children have to be stressed about the safety of their own schools.
Since we are passionate about using technology to provide security and safety, we know there are many things that can be done to make our schools safer. We’ll talk about some solutions in an upcoming article. Parents can play a big role in getting the word out about these solutions. Make sure to “Like” our Facebook page so you’ll be notified when the article is available.


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