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    Upgrade your monitoring to blazing fast 4G!

4G takes your alarm response speed to a new level

4g cellular alarm monitoring

Hopefully your alarm sends your emergency calls to the central monitoring station using a cellular interface. As “plain old telephone service” lines have become nearly obsolete, using the cellular network to send your alarm system signals has become a virtual necessity. The benefits are many- emergency signals sent by cellular radio arrive at the monitoring station much faster and a cellular radio signal is very difficult to compromise.

With the advent of the new 4G cellular networks, signals can now be sent up to 10 times faster than 3G. Alarm and supervisory signals from your alarm are sent to the central monitoring station within data packets, zipping to the dispatchers at blazing speeds.

If your alarm system utilizes the older 3G technology, it’s time to upgrade. The cost is minimal compared to the value you, your family and your business receives. Remember that every second counts in an emergency.

For more information about the new 4G cellular service, or to order an upgrade to your existing alarm system, contact Executive Electronics of Southwest Florida, Inc. Executive Electronics serves all of Southwest Florida including Naples, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs.

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