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Professional central station monitoring for your alarm system

24-7 peace of mind

Executive Electronics provides you with around the clock professional monitoring service from an advanced, computerized UL Listed central station facility. Our primary monitoring location is backed up by multiple redundant facilities around the country. In the event of a failure, a second facility can take over within seconds.

Executive Electronics monitoring station

Emergency power generators automatically maintain computer systems in the event of power failure.

The central station can switch to emergency power generators within seconds. Our central station is designed with all of the safeguards and quality control to provide you and your family with safety, security and peace of mind.


Fast, friendly, professional

Our central station is staffed by people who are the best in the industry. We say that with a high degree of confidence. After thorough background checks, each new employee receives intensive training and certification.

Central Station employee training

Employee training is a critical, ongoing process.

Central station employee training is focused on speed, accuracy and dependability. Employees receive continuous mentoring throughout their careers to ensure they stay current with training and will deliver exceptional customer service.

Do you need central station monitoring for your alarm system?

Honeywell Total Connect

Quality central station monitoring is a key part of any security alarm system. In the event of an intrusion or other emergency, you want a fast, effective response. Monitoring allows the emergency responders to be advised in advance of the nature of your emergency and it’s location. This is information that can be critical for saving lives and property. Monitoring also alerts you to trouble conditions that can affect the operation of your alarm system. Optional features allow you receive alarms and other alerts on your smartphone and to track who arms and disarms your security system.

Executive Electronics offers monitoring for nearly any type of alarm system. Besides alarm emergency signals, we can monitor trouble conditions, environmental conditions, openings and closings and almost any type of activity. For your specific need, give us a call for more information.

Executive Electronics of Southwest Florida, Inc. offers the finest, world-class monitoring at very competitive prices. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Call today for a free quote or to schedule a monitoring connection for your alarm system.

Executive Electronics of Southwest Florida, Inc. serves all of Southwest Florida including Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Sanibel, Venice, Port Royal, Immokalee, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte and Bonita Springs.

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